Recordings / past talks

We are recording our talks to make them more widely available. The recordings will all be placed on our Youtube channel here.

The following sessions are available to watch, or listen to, now:

■ 01. Steve Smith, “How Much Popular Support did the Bolsheviks Enjoy in 1917-1921?”

01. Steve Smith – Q&A, discussion

01. Steve Smith – chair’s introduction

■ 02. Brendan McGeever, “Antisemitism and the Russian revolution”, talk, Q&A, discussion

■ 03. Andy Willimott, “Living the revolution: urban communes in 1920s Russia”

03. Andy Willimott – Q&A, discussion

■ 04. Sarah Badcock – “Kaleidoscopes of revolution. Russia’s 1917 revolution in regional perspective”

04. Sarah Badcock – Q&A, discussion

04. Sarah Badcock – chair’s introduction

05. Katy Turton – “Women in Revolt: the female experience of the 1917 revolutions – VIDEO.

05. Katy Turton – “Women in Revolt: the female experience of the 1917 revolutions” – AUDIO.

05. Katy Turton – Q&A, discussion – AUDIO.

06. George Gilbert – “The Radical Right and the Russian Revolution”.

06. George Gilbert – Q&A, discussion.

■ 07. Dmitry Tolkatsch – “The Ukrainian Peasant Insurgency in the Revolutionary Period”

07. Dmitry Tolkatsch – Q&A, discussion

08. Chris Read – “The Social History of the Revolutionary Period”.

08. Chris Read – Q&A, discussion.

09. Barbara Allen – “Alexander Shlyapnikov and the Russian metalworkers in 1917”

09. Barbara Allen – Q&A, discussion

10. Don Filtzer – “The Working Class and the First Five-Year Plan, 1928-32”

10. Don Filtzer – Q&A, discussion

11. Gleb Albert – “World Revolution and Early Soviet Society”

12. Lara Douds – Lenin’s ‘living link’ with the people: the Soviet government’s reception, 1917-1924

13. Simon Pirani – The social histories of the Russian revolution, a century on.

Also, notes for the talk here and slides for the talk here.

14. Wendy Goldman – Free love, the family and the Russian revolution

Other talks will follow.

If you would like the recording in some other format (e.g. on an audio DVD), please let us know by contacting us here.