March 16 2017 18.30

Venue: Birkbeck, University of London. Lecture Theatre B33, Malet Street Building (enter via Torrington Square). Please register for this on Eventbrite here.
The Radical Right and the Russian Revolution

The revolutionary movements in late tsarist Russia inspired a reaction by groups on the right.  Although these groups were ostensibly defending the status quo, they were in fact very radical in many ways.  This talk will examine these radical rightist groups, showing how they developed considerable popular appeal across the whole Russian empire, securing support from a wide cross-section of society.  The talk considers the nature and organisation of the groups, their ideologies and polices on particular issues, and how they changed over time.  The talk concludes by examining how and why the groups lost momentum and support in the years immediately before the First World War, and will briefly explore to what extent present-day right-wing activity can be linked to the radicals from the period under review.

George Gilbert, Lecturer in Twentieth-Century History at the University of Southampton| University web page